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MapleStory Quests

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NameRatingRequired LevelXP
"Mar" the Fairy and the Water of Life
Acquiring Materials for the Fur Coat27000
Acquiring the Fairy Dust10590
Acquiring the Memory Powder6340
Alcaster and the Dark Crystal18410
Alex's Request
Alfonse's Smile12500
All the Map Pieces in One Place5430
Andre's Request300
Anniversary : Birthday Present (Blue)
Anniversary : Birthday Present (Red)
Anniversary : Cody's Quest
Aqua Road Photo Album2000
Arcon's Blood?
Arwen and the Glass Shoe800
Assembling a Toy5850
Assembling the Alarm Clock5500
Athena Pierce and Her Recovery8320
Beat the Heat - 1st Stage800
Beat the Heat - 2nd Stage1000
Beat the Heat - 3rd Stage1500
Beat the Heat - 2nd Stage13000
Beat the Heat - 3rd Stage15000
Beat the Heat -1st Stage12000
Beat the Heat - 2nd Stage4000
Beat the Heat - 3rd Stage4300
Beat the Heat -1st Stage3700
Bigg's Collection of Items30
Borrowing Sera's Mirror
Bringing a Mirror to Heena1
Building a New House For "Blackbull"1000
Camila's Gem1700
Camila's Lost Letter500
Carta the Sea Witch1000
Carta's Demand90000
Carta's Fortune-Telling1000
A Chat with Nana the Tour Guide500
Chief Gray's Sign5200
Chief Stan's Letter
Chris's Request500
Cleaning up Eos Tower1250
Cleaning Up the Inner Parts of Eos Tower2500
Cleaning Up the Outer Parts of Eos Tower4000
A Clue to the Secret Book
Cold Milk500
Collecting 100 Cursed Dolls300
Collecting 100 Mateon Tentacles4500
Collecting 1000 Cursed Dolls1800
Collecting 200 Cursed Dolls600
Collecting 200 Mateon Tentacles5000
Collecting 300 Mateon Tentacles5500
Collecting 400 Cursed Dolls900
Collecting 400 Mateon Tentacles6000
Collecting 500 Mateon Tentacles6500
Collecting 600 Cursed Dolls1200
Collecting Huckle's Magic Ingredients3500
Collecting Meteorite Samples4200
Collecting Wolf Skin9450
Cutthroat Manny's Request600
Dances with Balrog and His Recovery8320
DANGER! <1-G. Mushroom>2500
DANGER! <1-G. Mushroom>600
DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom>3000
DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom>1100
DANGER! <3-Z. Mushroom>3500
DANGER! <3-Z. Mushroom>1400
Dark Lord and His Recovery8320
Deciphering the Scroll of Secrets
Delivering a Box of Fossil1000
Delivering a Mysterious Item2000
Delivering the #t4031094#3100
Delivering the Flying Pill13000
Delivering the Robotic Parts3200
Delivering the Weird Medicine200
Destroying the Power of Evil126000
Don Hwang's Request100
Dr. Faymus's Request400
Dr. Kim's Comments : Blueprint for New Robot2400
Dr. Kim's Comments : A Meeting with Chury2700
Dr. Kim's Comments : A Meeting with Gunny4500
Dr. Kim's Comments : A Meeting with Hoony3000
Easter : Easter Basket800
Easter : Mad Bunny's Easter(Green)4300
Easter : Mad Bunny's Easter(Yellow)3100
Eliminate Monsters from the Site3500
Eliminating Aliens6000
Eliminating Chief Gray5800
Eliminating Grays5400
Eliminating Mateon5100
Eliminating Plateon5600
Eliminating Plateon and Mecateon6100
Eliminating the Drumming Bunny4500
Elma's Nependeath Juice7500
Eos Tower Threatened!5500
Ericsson Loves Cats500
Ericsson's Reward7000
Estelle and the Syrup7000
Estelle's Request1000
Estelle's Special Sauce1200