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Yoona's quiz on shopping <2006-12-03 18:51:45>
Emmeline <Guest>Recently ms added a quest called 'yoona's quiz on shopping'. Does anyone know how to do it?

<2006-12-31 00:06:50>
PrincessD <Guest>I'm also having problems finding the cash shop that she refers to

Yoona's Quiz on Shopping <2006-12-31 00:06:50>
PrincessD <Guest>This is on maple island in Southperry-- I also can't complete this, I can't find the cash shop she refers to.

<2007-01-03 21:44:47>
yueer <Guest>same here geez, is it bug or something

<2007-01-11 13:53:58>
kenike <Guest>Its not a bug. U haf to access the cash shop on the bottom right corner of ur screen. Once there, browse through the main items and sales items. Occasionally quest items which can b bought using meso are found there. If u do not see any of those "special" items on your first try, exit cash shop and enter it again. Repeat until u find the beginner guide to shopping

<2007-02-09 06:08:43>
sol0myworld <Guest>done shop>>main>>new items>>page 3..

Yoona's Quiz on Shopping <2007-02-14 15:33:57>
Faldo <Guest>The location of the item changes randomly each time you do the quest. You just need to browse through every section of the Cash Shop. I suppose its a gimmick they came up with to encourage people to click the 'Cash Shop' button... lol. Good luck people.

<2007-02-18 07:44:02>
kai <Guest>wat is the reward?

Found it <2007-03-05 17:13:48>
Nemorphis <Guest>I found it at Equiptment/Weapons/Page 5, Good luck all :)

<2007-04-22 16:02:34>
wow <Guest>the quiz on shopping, i just cant find the freakin book. idk what they were thinking when they put this in

<2007-06-05 00:30:47>
TrueFeel <Guest>about the reward... you can choose: 30 x Blue Potions Stolen Fence

~? The Quest ?~ <2007-06-10 14:32:30>
~> Tom <~ <Guest>Walau eh, damm freaking confusing le

<2007-07-18 00:18:38>
eh <Guest>if this helps, the book looks like a scroll

<2007-09-05 00:01:08>
the quest <Guest>i found it at main page1

WOW <2007-09-30 04:53:59>
rafael <Guest>I found in USE ITENS > STORE > 2 MAPLESEA

<2007-11-17 23:43:48>
jG <Guest>works on a random basis. found mine after trawling for like 30 minutes

<2008-01-26 00:26:29>
calvin <Guest>i found it i search da whole shop

I fuond it <2008-05-09 18:05:14>
Cubuss <Guest>I am in victioria island andi found it here is schreen enjoy

Screenshot <2008-05-16 23:48:31>
Mapler64 <Guest>That is the fakest screen shot ever... No mage has 595 health at level 145 lol FYI i have level 81 preist his mmp is 5k and i have more exp then you at level 50. Wow... and your in ludi not vic -_-"" NOOB!!

found it <2008-05-20 23:33:33>
<Guest>equip>top>page 16

<2008-07-02 23:09:44>
Maholix <Guest>Even better than all the advice yet.. On the event page, to the side, there is a "search" button. Just type "beginner's"into that and the scroll looking thing you want will show up. I found this trick out after searching page by page twice, and never seeing the book.

Hmm.. <2008-07-15 22:49:27>
Hmm <Guest>It;s is.... When u go to the cash shop, you can see serch item.... then serch it.... Then.. your done..

nope <2008-08-06 00:17:13>
ParisNara <Guest>dudes u cannot search the item.U HAVE TO FIND. ITS in loads of other places then cash shop i think in southperry a store has 1.

that post <2008-08-15 22:22:20>
mee <Guest>its not in south perry, its in the cash shop, thats the point of the wuest 030

book . <2008-08-18 00:13:32>
wendy <Guest>on the right side of the shop there is a search button and you just click it and type in "guide" and buy the guide its so simple . and the shop is not actually a shop . there is a button you can click thats says "SHOP" and its red with a picture of coins on the bottom right of your screen . and you click on it then do the search thingy .

<2008-10-01 01:13:49>
Saugus <Guest>just search the cash shop, I used the word "shopping" and it was the only result

Ask <2008-10-17 23:53:48>
andy <Guest>I cant buy 1 meso item . That say must chose 3 option.

help <2008-10-17 23:53:48>
Help <Guest>i try to uy it i click o.k but it says to check only 1 thing and i cant click the buttons to check. help?

<2008-10-18 23:50:47>
s11jande <Guest>same problem as andy, It only gives me three options. 1. maplepoints 2 Nexon points 3 paypal

<2008-10-21 00:23:24>
hi <Guest>same hereD: i hope someone answers quick!

Bug <2008-10-28 21:43:47>
perky8888 <Guest>They said that they will fix this 1 meso bug. See it for yourself at

<2008-10-28 21:43:47>

<2009-08-11 21:35:49>
Guest <Guest>All you need to do is click &quot;ok&quot; and it only costs a meso I&#039;m not sure why they did it like that..but what I can&#039;t figure out is where I go once I have the thing..

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